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We are experts in the global plant-based revolution, and have years of proven success in growing vegan brands through intelligent media and public relations strategies.

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As a boutique agency, we’re small but mighty. We’re dedicated to growing Australia’s plant-based community, and we’re proud to partner with renowned vegan thought leaders. Here's just a few of our game-changing clients:



At Plant Powered Press, we combine strategy and creativity to successfully promote ethical brands.

We are experts in the global plant-based revolution, and we provide specialist insights on how to effectively connect with Australia's rapidly expanding vegan and flexitarian market.

We partner with recognised thought leaders in the plant-based product category, and have worked with high-profile clients based in Australia and overseas.

Our team are all highly qualified communications experts, who can demonstrate years of experience with a thorough understanding of both traditional and digital media strategies.

At Plant Powered Press, we are committed to supporting the growth of Australia's plant-based community, and can offer genuine market insights that are an asset for our clients.



Why waste precious time and money with an agency that doesn’t understand today’s vegan market?

At Plant Powered Press, our team is passionate about veganism.

We understand Australia’s unique vegan market, because we’re part of this thriving community ourselves.

Whether you’re a vegan brand by design - or a mainstream business looking to connect with the growing plant-based community - our team can help.

We will partner with you to achieve greater brand awareness and generate more customers for your brand, and we’re focused on delivering long-term results.

As a plant-based media and public relations agency, our approach is also inclusive and empowering.

We believe that eating less meat and dairy is good for people, the planet and our animal friends, and we know that changing the world takes time. We’re proud to partner with brands that enable all Australians to make simple changes in their daily lives.



We are the plant-based media and public relations agency of choice for ethical brands, both in Australia and abroad.



We’re straight-thinking and straight-talking. That means we do what we say, and we say what we do. We will partner with you to identify and achieve a clear set of outcomes that reflect real value for your brand.



Our mission is to empower ethical brands to successfully connect with their target market, whilst supporting the growth of Australia’s plant-based community.

  • Jess and the team at Plant Powered Press provide an unparalleled experience in terms of generating a great digital presence and broader PR exposure for plant based brands. Plant Powered Press take the time to understand what a brand needs; be it a kick to drive a stronger commercial result, great visibility to the trade, or conveying a brand’s personality and USPs to consumers.
    Plant Powered Press truly understand consumers in this space, and have gone so far as to help be the face of the brand in the digital realm, and conveyed really important information back to us as brand owners and distributors. In our time working with the team, our digital presence has grown using both organic and paid social strategies whilst coordinating highly effective influencer campaigns.
    If you’re looking to give your plant-based brand greater exposure, give Jess a call!

     Mike Pattalis, Category Manager

    Botany Group

  • Jessica managed the Funky Fields Facebook and Instagram up until the page merger with Naturli’ in late June 2019. With Jessica, the Funky Fields pages were professionally managed with significant audience growth, a strong brand presence and a particularly valuable social community with the users

    Simone Marker, Social Media Manager

    Naturli’ Foods (Denmark)

  • Jess was instrumental in bringing PlantAsia to life. Her input meant the PlantAsia brand story is now clear and compelling — while the overall brand voice remains consistent and engaging for customers. We’re very pleased to have Jess contributing to the overall PlantAsia brand strategy.

    Cale Drouin, Co-founder


  • Throughout the development, launch, and duration of our 2019 global pilot campaign, Jessica provided Million Dollar Vegan with exceptional guidance and support.

    From developing our organization’s first Style Guide and training our new team members on how to build a strong and coherent brand, to securing and developing great relationships with celebrities and influencers, and enabling us to grow an engaged audience both in Australia and internationally, Jessica proved herself to be a dedicated team player with impeccable standards, excellent people skills, and a wide array of professional talents...  

    Through her work, Jessica demonstrated her knowledge and understanding of plant-based communities, trends, and lifestyle interests, and was able to grow our online community in a way that only someone who is an active part of that community could.

    Naomi Hallum, Managing Director

     Million Dollar Vegan (USA)


    Jessica has been a major asset to Tofurky, starting the Tofurky Australia Facebook page and increasing our average daily reach by 420% over the last year and doubling our engaged users. She additionally went above and beyond to create a video to highlight our Founder and the Tofurky story. We are very pleased with her work and major contributions to Tofurky in the digital landscape!

    Natasha Raines, Content Development Manager

    Tofurky (USA)

  • We recently engaged Plant Powered Press to help us branch out and gain national media attention in the lead up to Father's Day 2020. Jess and the team went above and beyond to ensure that we were well equipped every step of the way, and the results were second to none.

    Highly recommend working with Jess and the Plant Powered Press team. It has been a highly professional experience and one that we look forward to continuing into the future.

    Leroy Faure, Founder

    The Fit Dad Lifestyle

  • Gaining positive mainstream news coverage for an independent vegan brand is no small achievement. I was thoroughly impressed with Jess’ ability to engage key media — and journalists also commented on her efficiency, organisation and professionalism. With over $125,000 in free editorial coverage, the value of this publicity campaign speaks for itself.

    Cale Drouin, Co-founder

    Cale & Daughters

  • Jess and the team at Plant Powered Press were an absolute pleasure to work with. Despite having ambitious project deadlines, all of our goals and more were achieved. Clear and regular communication made sure we were always all on the same page, and made the whole process fun rather than stressful. The campaign resulted in over 80 press clippings and reached hundreds of thousands of Australians on social media. We couldn't have done it without them. We look forward to engaging Plant Powered Press again for future projects.

    Chay Neal, Executive Director,

    • Animal Liberation Queensland

    Jess Cotton and her team swiftly created a link between what Greenback stands for and the values shared with our customers. Essentially through brand storytelling, Greenback was given a soul. Greenback was born from a desire to support people on their plant-based journey. This authenticity has been communicated with PPP creating real human connections. Genuine vegans engaging with the product across multiple formats have helped make our brand thoughtful, memorable, and real.

    Peta Prentice, Co-founder



    Over the last 6 months, we have been working with Jess and the team to take our project and turn it into a fully-fledged business. Jess worked tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of work and nothing was too much to ask, including constant communication and dialogue on the project.
    The difference we specifically noticed with Plant Powered Press (as opposed to agencies we have interacted with in the past,) was that they made us feel completely included in the process and were friendly and warm from start to finish. We would recommend Plant Powered Press to any plant-based brand or business that wants to work with a team that knows the industry and more importantly (in our opinion) are warm friendly and genuinely care about the outcome. Thanks for all of the work you did to take Let's Go Vegan to the next level!

    Ed Andrew, Co-Founder

    Let's Go Vegan!

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