5 insights we’ll be taking into the New Year

For many of us, 2021 has been a year like no other. We were all required to adjust to the ‘new normal’ as the global pandemic continued to influence our daily lives. Australian businesses also needed to pivot and adapt in order to find new ways of connecting with customers.

At Plant Powered Press, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some outstanding vegan brands and campaigns this year. For instance, we are exceptionally proud of our work ‘disrupting’ Beef Week in conjunction with the team from Animal Liberation Queensland. We’ve also welcomed new clients who excel at what they do, such as Plant Baked and Sweet Nectar desserts, along with plant-based publisher, Let’s Go Vegan.

With 2022 just around the corner, here’s the most important insights that our team will be taking into the New Year:

  1. The most effective PR campaigns begin with a clear goal.

“It may sound simplistic, but we’ve learnt the most effective PR campaigns always start with a clear, overarching goal. When campaigns are designed to meet objectives that are specific, measurable and attainable, the way forward becomes evident and your PR team will have a much greater chance of success. Whether your campaign aims to secure mainstream media coverage, to gain influencer endorsements, or to promote a specific product, having an overall goal together with incremental KPIs will ensure everyone is delighted with the end result.”
– Jessica Cotton, Founder and Director.

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2. It pays to have social media experts on your side.

“From Instagram announcing they would no longer be ‘just a square photo sharing app’, to the rise of short form vertical video thanks to TikTok, the way modern audiences use social media is constantly evolving. Today, people are accustomed to seeing branded content just about everywhere. We’ve learnt that ensuring our clients stand out (while keeping that ever-changing algorithm on our side) really takes an expert team dedicated to doing the research and testing the waters to keep up with these fast-paced changes.”
– Nicole Odviar, Account Manager.

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3. The most powerful design solutions are the result of planning.

“Great design doesn’t just happen. Whether you’re creating a new logo, evolving an existing brand identity, or mapping upcoming social media content, the most powerful design solutions are the result of planning. At Plant Powered Press, we undertake rigorous brand workshops to help our clients uncover what their brand stands for. This way, each unique selling point can be conveyed in a visual manner that is coherent, consistent, and effective. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, strong design helps brands to successfully stand out from the pack.”
– Amy Flanagan, Head of Design.

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4. Social listening provides a valuable source of customer feedback.

“Businesses hear a lot about how important it is to speak with customers online, but in fact, it’s equally important to listen. ‘Social listening’ involves actively taking on board feedback from your brand’s social media audiences. Vegan customers are very willing to share their thoughts on new products and services, and this information offers an authentic source of data in real-time. Social listening can help vegan brands to improve their products, or even to plan new ones based on demand. At Plant Powered Press, we believe that social listening should be conducted with regularity and attention.”
– Koren Jolly, Community Manager.

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5. Working with a values-aligned team makes all the difference.

“Surrounding yourself with people who share your values often means that you can work together to achieve common goals. At Plant Powered Press, we believe that values alignment can make a big difference for vegan businesses. If you’re a vegan brand looking for a team that understands your business ethics, we want to hear from you in the New Year!”
– Rachel Bollerman, Account Assistant.

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AUTHOR: Jessica Cotton

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