Greenback Plant Based Protein

Brand Identity


The team from Plant Powered Press was asked by market newcomer, Greenback plant-based protein, to assist in building a cohesive brand identity that would stand out from the pack.

The Brief

A visual brand identity refers to the imagery, graphics and other pictorial assets that express who a brand is and highlight what sets it apart from competitors. In the most successful cases, these visual assets are used to tell a specific brand story. Brand stories are the cohesive narrative about a product, service, or business that inspire an emotional reaction amongst consumers.

When the team from Greenback plant-based protein approached Plant Powered Press, they had developed an excellent product range – vegan choc protein bars – with compelling selling points. However, the team had not yet established a consistent visual identity that could reflect or reinforce their unique brand story. In many ways, the Greenback brand was still a blank canvas.

The Strategy

The team from Plant Powered Press conducts formalised Brand Workshops with most of our new clients. These workshops provide an opportunity for business owners to reflect on the creative direction their brand should take, whilst considering topics such as a brand’s vision, mission, purpose, voice, look and feel. Using the insights shared, Plant Powered Press can then construct a Brand DNA document which acts as the blueprint for all future creative decision-making.

Following Greenback’s brand workshop, our goal was to create visual assets that reflected the client’s target audience and illustrated their vision statement. To begin, we coordinated and managed a major photo shoot with a diverse group of vegan models who willingly volunteered their time to support a start-up vegan brand. We situated these models outdoors to capture Greenback’s sense of vitality, vibrancy, and eco-consciousness. Models were pictured on the beach and in the rainforest as a nod to the active, bold spirit of the Greenback brand.

Secondly, we created a complementary colour palette that integrated with Greenback’s existing logo, whilst adding a fresh, contemporary element to their digital brand presence. We generated infographics that effectively communicated Greenback’s unique selling points, shared general facts about the plant-based movement, and highlighted real customer testimonials.

Finally, we liaised with key vegan influencers across Australia, who were given product samples in exchange for creating unique content featuring Greenback’s plant-based protein bars. Our goal was for the Greenback brand to be visually represented in a manner that was authentic, real, and engaging – whilst taking genuine customers along for the journey.



In all, we were able to successfully represent Greenback’s Brand DNA in a consistent and cohesive visual manner. Greenback now demonstrates a distinct brand identity that’s easily recognisable from competitors. Their unmistakable brand story is particularly apparent via Facebook and Instagram, and this is especially important in a crowded digital market.


“On the back of launching our Greenback Plant-Based Protein Bars, we enlisted the support of Plant Powered Press (PPP) to help build our profile and connect to a wider audience.

Jess Cotton and her team swiftly created a link between what Greenback stands for and the values shared with our customers. Essentially through brand storytelling, Greenback was given a soul.

Greenback was born from a desire to support people on their plant-based journey. This authenticity has been communicated with PPP creating real human connections. Genuine vegans engaging with the product across multiple formats have helped make our brand thoughtful, memorable, and real.

Our visual identity on social media needed a specific look that would connect with our audience. PPP created a colour palette and imagery that helped build our brand identity and appeal to a specific market segment.

In addition to what has been achieved in 3 short months for our brand, Plant Powered Press have been a purpose led, passionate, and professional team to work with. Working with Jess Cotton has felt like an extension of our own Greenback family and we can recommend Plant Powered Press without hesitation.”

- Peta Prentice, Co-founder, Greenback

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