Million Dollar Vegan

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Plant Powered Press' founder, Jessica Cotton, was thrilled to be part of an ambitious global campaign known as Million Dollar Vegan.

The Brief

Plant Powered Press' founder, Jessica Cotton, was thrilled to be part of an ambitious global campaign known as Million Dollar Vegan. The team from Million Dollar Vegan had a bold plan – invite Pope Francis to adopt a vegan diet for Lent 2019, in an effort to call attention to the horrors of factory farming and its direct contribution to climate change.

The Million Dollar Vegan team involved animal activists from over 15 countries, and Jess was honoured to be selected as Australia's Social Media Specialist. Jess worked closely with the brilliant Katrina Fox, who was Australia's national Campaign Manager.

Jess' role involved managing all Australian social media content, and conducting daily online community management for this high-profile campaign. Jess was also heavily involved in securing key Australian influencers to support the Million Dollar Campaign.

The Strategy

Influencer marketing is a public relations strategy that involves endorsements from influencers – namely, people and organisations who are recognised as having a level of authority and social impact amongst a given audience.

Jess was able to successfully negotiate with key influencers in Australia's plant-based community, in order to confirm their support for the Million Dollar Vegan campaign. Specifically, Jess was able to secure written statements of support from Bridget Malcolm and Morgan Mitchell

Bridget Malcom is an Australian model widely recognised for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel, whilst Morgan Mitchell is an Olympic sprinter and high-profile Australian athlete. Each of these remarkable women has their own highly engaged audience and personal profile, that we were able to successfully leverage on behalf of the Million Dollar Vegan campaign. 

In addition, Jess provided copywriting services for the Million Dollar Vegan campaign. She was able to contribute a number of well-written blogs that were designed to engage, educate, and interest an international audience.



The first-ever Million Dollar Vegan campaign gained over 85,000 social media followers in a few short months – and successfully reached millions of people worldwide!

Jess was pleased to contribute to this global campaign effort, which also saw Million Dollar Vegan featured in over 900 international press clippings. More information about Jess’s involvement is included in the testimonial below!


​"Throughout the development, launch, and duration of our 2019 global pilot campaign, Jessica provided Million Dollar Vegan with exceptional guidance and support.

From developing our organization’s first Style Guide and training our new team members on how to build a strong and coherent brand, to securing and developing great relationships with celebrities and influencers, and enabling us to grow an engaged audience both in Australia and internationally, Jessica proved herself to be a dedicated team player with impeccable standards, excellent people skills, and a wide array of professional talents...  

Through her work, Jessica demonstrated her knowledge and understanding of plant-based communities, trends, and lifestyle interests, and was able to grow our online community in a way that only someone who is an active part of that community could."

- Naomi Hallum, Managing Director, Million Dollar Vegan (USA)

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