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Our team are all highly qualified communications experts, who can demonstrate years of experience with a thorough understanding of both traditional and digital media strategies.

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Jessica Cotton

Founder / Account Director
(Bachelor of Journalism)

Jessica Cotton is the Founder and Director of Plant Powered Press. As a professionally trained journalist, Jess has almost a decade of industry experience in both traditional and digital media. She has worked for Australia’s leading television broadcaster, and has maintained leadership roles in both corporate communications and PR agency settings.

Jess founded Plant Powered Press in 2018 as a passion project. This side hustle grew in strength, and quickly became Jess’ full focus. Since then, Jess has had the privilege of partnering with some of the most prominent international brand names in the vegan world - including Tofurky, Bute Island Sheese, Naturli’, Made With Plants, PlantAsia, and the first-ever Million Dollar Vegan international advocacy campaign. 

On a personal level, Jess is committed to nurturing the next generation of communications experts, and she places a particular focus on empowering female professionals. Jess maintains a thorough understanding of Australia’s rapidly expanding vegan and flexitarian market, and is proud to champion brands that are true game-changers in this exhilarating space.

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Nicole Odviar

Account Manager
(Bachelor of Communications)

Nicole Odviar is a Digital Media Communications student at the University of Queensland who is experienced in high-volume agency work. She is a passionate vegan and has a thorough understanding of the Australian vegan market.

Nicole wants to help make veganism as accessible as possible - whether that’s showing people the small changes they can make, or helping them go completely vegan. She believes in empowering Australians to eat less meat, by promoting ways to make the switch fun and delicious. Nicole believes that little changes can make a huge difference!

She loves all things food, art, culture, and politics; and even speaks four languages!

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Amy Flanagan

Head of Design
(Bachelor of Creative Arts,
Bachelor of Communication

Amy Flanagan is our talented graphic designer who has an extended background in digital marketing. She has many years of design experience across a multitude of industries - which comes in handy when she’s executing effective campaigns within the brand identities for all of our clients. A keen eye for detail, an obsession with typography and partial to a gradient or two; Amy is our go-to for all things visual.

Amy constantly strives to make more ethical choices in her everyday life. She is so amazed at how the plant-based diet movement has grown the last few years and considers herself lucky to be able to assist vegan brands in growing their market.

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Koren Jolly

Community Manager
(Bachelor of Journalism,
Masters of Criminology and Criminal Justice)

Koren Jolly is our dedicated Community Manager at Plant Powered Press. As a qualified journalist with extensive experience in digital content and social customer care, she has naturally progressed into managing highly successful and engaging communities online. Koren truly believes in the importance of a strong virtual community, particularly when it comes to cultivating brand awareness and loyalty.

Koren is flutent in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and much more! She's committed to helping our clients grow, manage, and harness the power of their digital community. When she’s not replying to comments or posting stories, Koren is busy raising her two young children.

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Sam Cotton

Finance Manager
(Bachelor of Commerce,
Bachelor of Economics)

Sam Cotton manages the financial operations at Plant Powered Press, and is a critical part of the agency. Whether he's reviewing key budgetary information, analysing market trends and making predictions for growth, or providing performance reporting for clients, Sam is our go-to man for financial strategy.

Sam is also a Manager at a top ASX listed company in Australia. His 'superpower' is providing quality analysis to enable insightful decision-making, whilst building successful teams in high-performance environments.

Sam has supported Jess throughout every stage of Plant Powered Press' growth, and as our resident 'flexitarian', he's an important sounding board when it comes to market testing vegan products for mainstream consumers.

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